Our idea/ology

To enable creative growth in people and brands so they can be more successful.


“I passionately believe the world needs more creators, creating great ideas. Creativity should be the skill of the many, not the few.”


I was born not wanting to do what already existed.

My time in media and marketing has cemented the notion that I only ever wanted to work for companies who wanted to change the industry around them. I’m never satisfied with the way things are now, simply because that’s the way they’ve always been.

I am fundamentally driven by a desire to change things up, move things forward. You only grow through positive change.

So I made the decision when starting THE IDEAS BUSINESS to be a passionate new voice for the way the world thinks about ideas. How ideas are created, how ideas are celebrated and how we can create more creators. The businesses that will thrive in the future will be the ones that are more creative than their competitors. I am passionate about making every business we work with more creative.

My work now is about delivering true ROI - Return on Ideas. Why should a business outsource the creative process to external companies, when the better way is to coach people on how to be more creative themselves?

Everyone is born creative, and coaching creativity increases the skills for the workers of today and the future.

So our Idea/ology is simple. We create more creators than we create ideas. The enduring growth we can create for businesses will be more powerful if we do.

I hope we can help you or your business create better ideas.

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