Brian Gallagher, Chief Sales Officer, Southern Cross Austereo

“Wade delivers world class facilitation every time. When it comes to connecting business objectives to creative outcomes, Wade nails the brief, connects the dots and executes on point. If you want to take your team workshop or ideas session to a level where the experience is superb and the outcomes are critical, Wade’s your man”.


Jane Palfreyman, Head of Marketing, SBS Media

“Wade is a brilliant facilitator. The way he conducts his workshops helps guide participants on a journey to build really amazing ideas. His blend of creativity and lack of ego means he wants the best idea to come from the group - not himself. If you get Wade to run your off-site, workshop or ideas session - you’ll get much better outcomes. There are a lot of facilitators around, but Wade makes the experience memorable”.


Jack Byrne, Managing Director, Hatched Media

“The epitome of an ideas man, Wade has continued to delight me with not only the depth of his knowledge and understanding of the job at hand, but also the breadth of fresh and innovative ideas to bring a marketing/comms strategy to life across the variety of platforms that are always with an arms length from him. No challenge is too small for Wade, and while he goes about his business like the consummate professional he is, he does it with a great sense of humour and fun which makes working with him simply a joy. Have a crack - I challenge anyone to stump him!”


Alex Benton, Laundry Service (Agency), New York City

“Wade constantly challenged the norm and the way our team looked at the ideas process. He was the go-to person for all of our projects, helping to set the strategic direction and shape ideas into major campaigns. Wade also served as an inspiring mentor for many of our team, constantly teaching us different techniques to help with our own professional development in the creative field. For innovative, fresh and ambitious ideas, Wade Kingsley is your man.”


Chantalle Taylor, Partnerships & Marketing Director, Waterfront Entertainment

“I learnt much from my time working with Wade, both in relation to creative problem solving and strong leadership. Wade is a wealth of smart, relevant advice and is as creative as he is detail-focussed - a rare combination. Above all, Wade is a great guy to have in your corner.”



“The Ideas Business nailed the brief for our team’s 2 day off-site. Wade had me at ‘hello’, as we shared a vision of what we believe people are capable of; amongst many things it was creativity! No boring PowerPoints, no dread role plays, no note taking - just presence and full engagement. I have never participated in work training that could offer so much personal and team growth. The team absolutely felt the same!”


Keith Thomas, CEO, Port Adelaide Football Club (AFL)

“Wade is a talented, intelligent problem solver and solution maker. He has the rare ability to be able to blend his creative instinct with an excellent eye for detail, and always brings a wonderful team orientated approach to his work. A major asset.”


David Borean, General Manager Marketing, NEC Corporation

“Wade is a true visionary, dealing through complex stakeholder needs, understanding how to best achieve mutual outcomes for clients, sales and marketers. He is all about ideas and has a passion for breaking new ground when formulating new thinking for clients.”


Nathan Soulsby, Head of TV Sales, Southern Cross Austereo

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wade over many years, I’ve not met a human who is blessed with such a perfect balance of smarts, passion and an ability to motivate and empower a group of people to better themselves and the business they work with”


Eriks Celmins, Founder & CEO,

“Wade has a highly creative talent for taking hold of strategic customer and product issues and turning them into the next big idea. A few minutes with Wade and you’ll have a years worth of useable concepts”


Kirsten Franc, Head of Brand Asset Management, Southern Cross Austereo

“Wade is a creative, but doesn't believe that being so, is the domain of ‘creatives’. He has ideas, brilliant ones, but the greatest contributions I’ve seen him make is facilitating the creative process, and leading people to unlock their own ideas and collectively contribute to an outcome. He doesn’t run brainstorms, his sessions take a different path - one that delivers better and unexpected outcomes. It’s a brilliant thing to watch and even more brilliant to be part of.”