We innovate the practice of creativity through our facilitation, coaching, and consulting.


creative facilitation

We can facilitate your ideas workshop to show you our unique techniques to create better ideas.

We believe that brainstorming is bullshit. Decades of research by well-respected institutions have uncovered what we’ve always believed - that brainstorming is one of the least effective ways to create innovative ideas. You can read more about it here.

The ideas sessions we run are nothing like a brainstorm. We build a unique process for each brief - never following the same path. Because if you want to have innovative ideas, you first have to innovate the process to get the ideas.

To start the process, we take a brief on your objective. We then design a process to take us from ideation (including participants, location, theme) to creation.

We have over 20+ years experience as creative facilitators and our work with some of Australia’s most innovative companies means you can trust in our experience.

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If you’d like to find out more about costs and how we could build a session for you, simply contact us below.


creative coaching

We can help your team unlock their creative potential through our group or individual training sessions.

In an age of increased automation, why would businesses who want to be innovative, outsource a key skill of the future like creative problem solving?

The businesses that will thrive are the ones that will have more creative workers than their competitors, and that’s where we come in.

Our coaching and training program begins by indentifying the current creative potential of every individual in your organisation.

We then allocate different skill development coaching based on the existing level of creative skill of each employee.

It works flexibly on timing, location and curriculum - with outcomes tailored to your industry.

Your team don’t leave with a laminated certificate they’ll never look at again, or a workbook that sits on the shelf they never use. They leave with improved creative skills so they can solve problems, create innovative new concepts, test and learn ideas, and identify great ideas when they see them.

You don’t need to hire in or outsource creative thinking, you can build it from within.

Get in touch and let us walk you through our coaching and training program.


Creative consulting

We can help you overcome the creative blocks in your organisation by designing idea generating processes for your business.

Idea generation (creative problem solving) is a skill that can be used in all industries where different thinking is required.

Most business have processes. Everything from recruitment processes to induction processes, occupational health and safety processes - right down to expense claim processes.

But do you have a creative process?

Most people believe a ‘process’ is counter-intuitive to creativity which is perceived to be organic and free-flowing with no rules. The opposite is actually true. If you don’t have a creative process for your business, how can you measure how effective you are against your competitors or benchmark improvement?

Our consultancy model is simple.

We don’t FIFO. We prefer to work inside your business over a medium-long term, so we can understand your needs and help you apply our expertise.

We don’t have expensive overheads. You only pay for our time when we deliver a service. Nothing else.

We offer ROI: Return on Ideas. You’ll see the benefit of our work through the ideas your team create. We’re not a consultancy that sits back and offers advice. We pitch in and offer practical help so we are there when your results improve.

Our consultancy services vary across industries but work in a common way. We help identify where your business is now, and how your people can produce more creative outcomes.

For marketing teams, media companies & media agencies:

We help your team create better ideas by isolating creative practices that need to be improved, and adapt our knowledge into your existing process frameworks.

For other professional services businesses:

We work to integrate our experience in the media and marketing sector into your industry so your team can produce better ideas.